Wood Blocks – Housing for London - 16-10-2015

Wood Blocks


dRMM has been named one of ten winners in the New London Architecture (NLA) New Housing Ideas competition. The NLA asked contributors to provide new and inventive solutions to the housing shortage crisis in London.

dRMM’s winning proposal, Wood Blocks, imagines a revolutionary new housing typology. Shell and core residential – adapting a tried and tested development model from office buildings to housing. By excluding internal fit-outs the cost (to the developer/house-builder) of building new homes was reduced by up to 40%, and the duration of construction was reduced by 25% – delivering faster, cheaper housing. Just as importantly, this typology gave Londoners more autonomy in creating homes they really wanted.

“Our response to the housing shortage is to build in engineered timber,” said dRMM co-founding director Alex de Rijke. “This presents really affordable, sustainable housing which is fast to construct. It’s meant for people who actually need housing – I’m not referring to a ‘second home’ to rent. I mean those who are first on the ladder. Really anybody who wants to build a modern, healthy house without having to endure massive expenditure and mortgages on crumbling brick Victoriana”


NLA winner