Timber Architecture Expert Jonas Lencer to Judge Wood Awards - 04-04-2018

Endless Stair for Timber in Construction AwardsdRMM Director Jonas Lencer is delighted to be part of the 2018 Wood Awards jury.

Jonas designed Endless Stair with fellow director Alex de Rijke for the 2013 London Design Festival. Made from hardwood cross-laminated timber, a material invented by dRMM in collaboration with ARUP and AHEC, it is one of dRMM’s most celebrated timber installations.

He lectures internationally on dRMM’s pioneering work in engineered timber, such as Kingsdale Sports Hall, Naked House, and Maggie’s Oldham. In 2017, he was invited to sit on a London Borough’s Quality Review Panel and became an assessor for RIBA Part III at the University of Brighton, in 2016 he judged the Malaysian Wood Awards.

As an architect, his speciality is combining the design concept with innovative construction techniques, and he has a particular focus on prefabrication and engineered timber. He manages the strategic development of dRMM and oversees the design, construction and delivery of a mixed-use portfolio of projects. These include Faraday House, the bold and imaginative residential building within the Battersea Power Station development.

The awards are open for entries until 25 May 2018:

Photograph: clockwise from top, Alex de Rijke and Jonas Lencer during the factory visit of the Endless Stair project, by Jonas Lencer.