SEI Investments

In 2005 we were approached by SEI Investments, an innovative global wealth management company, to provide office space for their expanding European HQ. The brief called for a design that embodied the company’s ethos of a non-hierarchical, agile, team-based environment in a relatively tight space, as well as incorporating a large amount of UK-centric contemporary art from the company’s West Collection.


In addition, the client required a fast track concept to completion period of six months.Our scheme provides a blend of spaces over two floors where clients and staff can see and meet each other through a mix of meeting areas (set around the core of the building, and workstations (situated next to the windows to maximise light and views). Backlit panels set into glossy Barrisol ceilings give the illusion of double height. Each floor is given a distinct identity with the use of English raw ash plank screen walls on the third floor contrasting with processed laser-cut birch plywood that line the fourth floor surfaces.


One of the most interesting aspects of the project was our work with curator Lee Stoetzel selecting the West Collections’ best British contemporary artworks to energise and complement the architectural design. Standout pieces include Lee Stoetzel’s life-sized timber Jeep, which greets visitors emerging from the lifts, and Heidi Cody’s illuminated wall piece ‘QWERTY’.The offices were designed with one major intention – to provide a suitably inspiring environment in which this innovative company can develop and grow.


Photography © Alex de Rijke