Naked House, Flatpack Housing

It can be erected anywhere in the world where there is road, rail or sea access, and delivered eight weeks from client sign off as a flatpack kit in a hightop or opentop container. The emptied container then forms the structure’s base, elevating the house to 3m above ground level. The container functions as support structure, store, utiliy/services room, garage or boathouse…

Naked House can be dismantled, repacked into the container, and moved to a new site anytime. Conceptually, the house works as a cut-out diagram, with all numbered elements – including door and window openings – digitally pre-cut from substantial cross-laminated timber panels made from fast growing soft woods. This three dimensional jigsaw is simply secured with long screws, and can be assembled by four people and a small crane in two days.

Tailored to connect to existing services and heated by solar waterheating and a wastewood-burner, Naked House is a flexible and sustainable design solution for anyone, anywhere in the world. Appropriate for stand-alone sites to urban infill, international emergency housing or flood zones, it also provides a quality alternative for areas requiring mass housing.

Photography © Alex de Rijke, Norsk Form (Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway)