Our winning proposal illuminated the square with a simple lightbox pavilion, which appears to be hovering above a raised deck. It can also be read as an urban ‘lantern’ for the square in front of Brighton Town Hall.

The construction of the pavilion is unique in that the prefabricated enclosure of translucent fibreglass and clear glass is suspended such that one whole side of the building can be completely opened up to the square. In the spring/summer/autumn months the restaurant fully reveals its interior to the passer by as the sliding facade becomes an external screen for the square in a Zen-like game of scale and transformation. A transforming deck with integrated furniture and mobile trees help convert this dull square into an open-air room which can also accommodate performance and parties.The restaurant interior is characterised by an intimacy that’s created by the combined qualities of daylight and artificial light, especially designed furniture, and beautiful fresh sushi.

Photography © Alex de Rijke, Michael Mack