East Ham Town Hall Annexe

dRMM have designed a mixed-use residential scheme for Red Door Ventures as part of the new East Ham civic quarter.

The design re-imagines the locally listed Town Hall Annexe, and introduces two new residential buildings in place of the disused Brian Didsbury Centre. In this configuration, the annexe building acts as a public gateway that connects people through to a landscaped courtyard.

The rhythm and materiality of the original annexe building informs the extension. An articulated brick plinth echoes the annexe, whilst distinctive metal cladding creates a bold counterpoint – its metallic sheen plays with the light and reflections of the sky.

This refurbishment will provide 37 new homes as well as communal gardens and a ground floor café. Enabling people to engage with the heritage building; the public face of the new scheme.

A further 148 homes are provided in two seven storey stepped buildings that follow the architectural qualities of the annexe building. These apartments are designed to create a sense of spaciousness, with full height windows and balconies to optimise light and views.

Affordable, family sized housing is provided on linked sites at Romford Road, Stacey Road and Cyprus Road. dRMM has been appointed to the Red Door Ventures framework of architects and is working on a number of sites at a variety of scales.

The East Ham Town Hall Annexe is an example of high-quality, high-profile Private Rental Sector housing that gives character and life to the civic quarter, in turn supporting Red Door Ventures’ aspirations as exemplary landlords.

Images © dRMM