How soon is now

Director Sadie Morgan gave a lecture at last week’s National Architecture Conference ‘How Soon is Now?’ in Adelaide, organised by the Australian Institute of Architects’.

Bringing together her roles as Design Chair for High Speed Two (HS2), member of the National Infrastructure Commission, and Director at dRMM, Sadie explained why design is the key to success in a shared vision of building for the future.

The conference focused on four key themes; Building Resilience, Transforming Populations, Creating Equity and Advocating Futures. Its programme sought to inform a constructive discourse to ‘empower architects to actively participate in the massive transformations that are occurring to cities, to global as well as local societies and to the sustainability of our planet’.

Sadie’s was one of a long list of leading industry voices being heard at the event. These included the former Chief Architect of Barcelona City Council, Vicente Guallart, half of founding duo at Klein Dytham Architecture, Astrid Klein, and the Dean of the College of Design at the University of Minnesota, Thomas Fisher.

Image by Tania Davidge