Hastings Pier redevelopment brings national treasure back to life - 17-11-2016


A national treasure brought back to life; dRMM has reimagined the Victorian pleasure pier as a sustainable, flexible platform able to accommodate a range of uses for years to come.

Creative use of timber is at the heart of the transformed Pier design. The new visitor centre is a 100% cross-laminated timber structure, clad in the timber decking that survived the 2010 fire. This reclaimed timber was also used to make the furniture on the deck, designed by dRMM and Hastings & Bexhill Wood Recycling Ltd as part of a local employment initiative.

The visitor centre has been designed as an adaptable space for indoor events, exhibitions and educational activities, with an elevated belvedere on top. A glass walled, open-air ‘room’ looks out to the vast views over the Pier and beyond toward Europe, then back to the town and coast.

Learn more about this iconic revitalisation project here.