Hastings Pier can remain a community asset with everyone’s support - 02-05-2018

The local community is fundraising £1 million to ensure Hastings Pier becomes a sustainable community asset. dRMM are pledging full design and planning services.

Hastings Pier has the chance to become a sustainable community asset

The pier could be sold to the highest bidder… Instead, Friends of Hastings Pier (FOHP) have created a business plan that will keep the freehold of the pier in community hands, while transforming it into a profitable and sustainable business.

To be able to implement the plans, they must raise an initial £500k from donations by the 31 May This will avoid the precious community asset being sold. The bid has a real chance of winning, FOHP just need to show they have community support and financial backing.

Phase Two additions enable the pier to run year round

dRMM have pledged their design and planning application fee for the new building work envisaged. Phase Two includes the addition of a large rooftop canopy to the visitor centre’s belvedere deck, and a mixed-use, modern pavilion situated opposite the victorian pavilion. The new building is efte and timber, and its uses include food, beverage and a nightclub.

Corporate and individual sponsorship and ideas welcome

To connect with FOHP head to their Crowdfunder page.