dRMM Shortlisted for Stirling Prize, UK’s Top Architecture Award - 19-07-2017


dRMM’s Hastings Pier is shortlisted for the 2017 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize, the UK’s top architecture award. The six shortlisted projects were drawn from the 49 winners of the 2017 National Awards.

The RIBA will announce the Stirling Prize winner on 31 October 2017 in the iconic architectural setting of the Roundhouse, London.

They are judged against a range of criteria including design vision; innovation and originality; capacity to stimulate, engage and delight occupants and visitors; accessibility and sustainability; how fit the building is for its purpose and the level of client satisfaction.

dRMM have been shortlisted for the Stirling Prize twice previously; for Clapham Manor Primary School in 2013 and the Trafalgar Place residences last year in 2016.

The Architectural Journal’s Rob Wilson and Jon Astbury says about Hastings Pier: “There remain precious few examples of architects grappling with genuine unprogrammed public space, the sole example here being the blank canvas of dRMM’s Hastings Pier, made possible through inspiring community engagement and funding. Their master-move was to design a strong, community-led and -owned serviced platform, which could accommodate a whole host of uses, from concerts to international markets. The decision not to place any building at the end of the pier is extremely powerful. The large, open space provides a sense of calmness and delight, with a strong connection to the sea and the seafront. This project has reinvigorated a historic structure and facilitated a contemporary and appropriate 21st-century use.”


Prof. Alex de Rijke, dRMM founding director says about Hastings Pier: “By 2010 Hastings Pier was a lost paradise; overdeveloped and dangerously obsolete, then burnt. It was rescued by a collaboration of local determination and architectural lateral thinking. The expectation for a ‘hero building’ at the end of the pier is denied by dRMM. Instead of building an architecture of fixed use in a seasonal context, the community-owned Hastings Pier Charity are challenged to invite temporary installations to occupy an enormous, serviced deck. Most of the Lottery-funded budget went into repairing and strengthening the sea structure and new deck. The modest buildings provided above deck are glass and engineered timber, featuring cladding and furniture made from recycling the old pier decking that survived the fire. Hastings and St. Leonards now have a spectacular pier; a free-access public space for the pleasure of ‘walking on water’, and a civic space transformed by changing weather and events.”

Amanda Hyatt, a local resident says about Hastings Pier: “Much deserved, and well done Hastings Pier for looking forward not backwards. This is the best pier!”

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Gavin Henderson, President of the National Piers Society said about Hastings Pier: “Well done Hastings, truly a Phoenix, and a great example for other restoration battles!.”

Hasting’s Pier was named Pier of the Year 2017 by the National Piers Society, and has been shortlisted for both the Wood Awards and Structural Timber Awards. It received three RIBA South East awards, a regional award and two special awards; Client of the Year for Hastings Pier Charity and Project Architect of the Year for Alex de Rijke.

Hastings Pier Project
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