dRMM celebrates its 25th year with the appointment of new Directors - 02-06-2020

dRMM is celebrating its 25th year in practice with the appointment of two new Directors, Saskia Lencer and Judith Stichtenoth.

dRMM now has six Directors with complimentary skills and experience, rounding out the leadership team of founders Alex de Rijke, Philip Marsh and Sadie Morgan, together with Jonas Lencer, who became a Director in 2015.

In their previous roles as Associate Directors, Saskia and Judith were responsible for running the project teams in the studio. Their promotion ensures the directorship remains closely tied to the studio team.

As part of the changes to the Directorship, Finance Director Tamsin Pearce has also been made Company Secretary.

Founded in 1995, dRMM has pioneered approaches to sustainability and innovation in materials, particularly engineered timber structures, that are now accepted best practice. These new appointments make dRMM well-placed to thrive in the face of the challenges of the next 25 years.

Founding Director Alex de Rijke said:
“dRMM is constantly evolving, and this latest move creates new opportunities for a talented group of younger architects.
Women make up over half of dRMMs team. Saskia and Judith’s new positions mean dRMM now has at least 50:50 gender representation at all levels up to and including Director, something we are proud of”

Portraits of the Directors at their front doors during the Coronavirus lockdown were shot in May 2020 by Alex de Rijke as part of his daily cycle.