dRMM  approach all housing, be it a single dwelling or an apartment block, with the same aspiration: to create homes with identity, imbuing them with domestic joy through colour, wit and imagination.  We believe that the creation of homes with enduring value begins with a keen interest in the end user’s lived experience. For this reason apartments are designed to maximise space and light with big views and efficient lay-outs to maximise usable space. In our large-scale residential projects, whether in social or private ownership, we always seek to foster community cohesion by making small residential clusters a feature of their design. This allows residents to meet and for neighbourliness to flourish. Crucially, we are pragmatic but innovative, working on time and within budget, often using ‘off-the-shelf’ products to surprising effect, and have pioneered the development of cross-laminated timber in buildings of varying scale, from townhouses to multi-story towers.