dRMM’s Timber Studio has pioneered the use of engineered timber since 2000. In 2005 we introduced cross-laminated panel construction to the UK education sector through our award-winning Kingsdale School, demonstrating how CNC-cut structural timber could outsmart its competitors in versatility, building efficiency, and character. Our landmark project for the London Design Festival 2013, Endless Stair, established the use of hardwood for cross-laminated timber (CLT), validating the structural use of tulipwood – an abundant, relatively inexpensive and sustainable American hardwood – for the first time in architecture. We have designed engineered timber buildings at varying scales, from architectural installations (Endless Stair), temporary structures (MK40 Tower), prototypical projects (Naked House), single dwellings (WoodBlock house), and have introduced the material to larger housing developments (Trafalgar Place), and long span structures (Timber Stadium proposal, 2012 London Olympics). These projects are a manifestation of dRMM’s continuing advocacy of timber as a relevant material for 21st century architecture.