A healthy, prosperous and liveable London is a city shaped by all who use it - 26-08-2020

London is the economic centre of the UK and Europe and must meet the demands of an ever-increasing population. Making space for people in its dense sprawl of historically low-rise villages is difficult.

At worst, residents are at the mercy of high property values and rents, long commutes, and poor air-quality. But at its best, London is a series of vibrant, green, characterful and connected neighbourhoods.

dRMM’s proposition imagines a healthy, prosperous and live-able London, starting now. Changes in climate, technology and mobility are inevitable, nonetheless; challenges could persist. How can we enable the public to participate, creating a sense of ownership, belonging and togetherness?

Check out our very own Will Howard at the NLA’s Build Back Better series presenting our take on the future of London.