Monthly Archives: September 2011


Alex with Wood

This is to inform dRMM’s clients, collaborators and friends, of my decision to accept the offer of Dean of Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London. It is a great honour, something I have considered carefully. The role will be part time, starting in January 2012.

Having regarded education as a parallel discipline to practice since graduating from the RCA, I will continue as a Director of dRMM Architects while developing a new course. This will focus on research into creating new materials, components and techniques, aiming to reposition future architects as more knowledgeable and influential in the construction industry, currently a deregulated and debased market. In this way I hope to influence the built environment at a grass roots level.

As a Professor of Architecture advocating the value of learning through making, I am aware that you can only be as good as your last building… I will undertake the new responsibility with a supporting faculty team, ensuring not only the success of delivering the course but also that my ongoing project design input with the dRMM team develops; something I will continue to relish.

Alex de Rijke
September 2011